Howdy!  I’m Stephanie or you can just call me DogMom (with beaming pride).

And since you have made it here, I’m guessing you are a DogMom, too!  I know you can agree with me that nothing beats coming home to a huge welcome party thrown by my dogs, even if I just went to the mailbox and back.  I strive to be at least half the person my dogs see me as.  And as I know this can be controversial to those that are moms to the human variety, I really do see my dogs as my children.  There ain’t no shame in that!  If you are smiling and nodding your head in agreement, then you are in the right place!



Reuben and I in the bluebonnets


 A Few Things About Me

My kiddos have a DogDad.
Meeting my husband at church near the end of 2013 was a major prayer answered!  Jay and I married in 2014 (yeah, I know, we don’t waste no time!) We live on the north-side of Dallas, TX. Jay is a director of community outreach for the Spay Neuter Network, which is a non-profit organization to help low income areas with spay/neuter services and vaccinations.  Oh, and he’s a Marine (swoon!)  I still don’t know how on Earth I snagged this guy, but I’m so blessed and happy!Jay & Stephanie

I’m a Photographer and Designer.
I absolutely love photography, especially taking photos of my fur-babies. I had a little pet photography business going, but mostly it’s been a hobby for many years.  I’ve also been a production artist/graphic designer for over 10 years.  Lets just say I love purty thangs.

I give God ALL the Glory
I can’t wait for the chance to tell you of my testimony.  I’ve had quite a past, and was an atheist for around 13 years until Jesus showed himself to me. I get so excited everytime I remember that day.  My life did a 180 and hasn’t been the same since!  My story will blow your mind!

Nothing is ImpossibleWe are currently unable to have children.
I say “currently” because I believe in a BIG GOD! As of right now, we are going through quite a challenge of infertility.  Some are DogMoms by choice, and others are DogMoms because they can’t be a mom otherwise. I don’t keep this a secret because I don’t think it’s something to be ashamed of and people should know it’s way more common than they think. 1 out of 8 couples go through infertility.  Perhaps you are also in that club and my heart goes out to you. It’s a dark time that I don’t wish for my worst enemy.  I may not be a mom, but at least I’m a proud DogMom!  And that’s pretty dang fun!



Meet the kiddos:


or Roo, RooBoo, BooBoo, Bear, BooBear, BooBooLooBoo (any of those variations).
A double-red merle Australian Shepherd, born to be a star, straight out of a working farm. The accidental litter of pups were going to go to the shelter if these country folks didn’t find homes for them.  So I told the couple that I’d take the red speckled one with the pink nose and blue eyes.  His eyes didn’t stay that way and his nose turned brown. But he is the ham of the house and it would be so dang quiet around here without him. He has enough bark and energy for 10 dogs (TEN!).  Ever heard the term, “you are too smart for your good?”  Well, Roo fits the bill.  He knows quite a few tricks, but he’s figured out a lot on his own, knows way too much English and definitely knows how to push his boundaries. Who can say No to that face, though?  Roo loves to play with basically anything and anyone, herding/chasing, frisbee, watch TV (yes, it’s freaky), follow me everywhere I go (even to the bathroom), chase laser pointers & flashlights and this strange toy called The Egg.


or Little Mama, Mama, GirllyGirl, Stinky, The-Fun-Police.


 A 12-year old queen of the house.  Jaymie is a Boston Terrier that I got from a backyard breeder when she was just a baby in 2003….waaaaay before I knew better, but I wouldn’t trade her for the world. Jaymie and I have been through everything together.  She’s been with me through my college years, through all of my 20’s, seen my odd choices of previous boyfriends, moved from apartment to apartment and is very happy that it’s all settled down.  Now she rules the roost, make the rules and Reuben knows it.  She loves to make snorting noises, fart excessively, eat a ton, sunbathe and take Roo’s toys away from him.  She hates the camera and runs away, so it’s hard to get a good shot of her.


or Sophs, SweetPea, mou-mou, kee-kee.

Okay, DogMom Confession Time – I love cats, too!

However, either there’s not much to being a CatMom or I’m doing it wrong. Because Sophie isn’t much of an affectionate or entertaining one.  I’ve tried and tried and tried, but this 2-year old still does not like being held, and she’s pretty much over playing already.  However, petting is allowed sometimes and she will only sit on my lap on her own terms.  She likes to sleep and chase bugs…that’s about it.  Her cuddle moments with Jaymie just takes my breath away.

I’d love to add another dog to our little family, but I’m currently working full time.  If I ever get promoted to stay-at-home-DogMom, then you know I’ll be looking for another little one. So help us out a little by clicking around on some affiliate links and ads, maybe even buy something that I know every DogMom wants. 😉  I appreciate your support and love!