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The Top 7 Dog Leash DIYs That Only Look Expensive

DogMoms are really picking up on the trendy accessories lately. And as the weather heats up, dog leashes are becoming a big, flashy statement on the pooch patio. But you and I both know that those leashes come at a price if you want your dog to look like he came out of DogFancy. However, I know a little fun workaround and it’s time we get crafty! Here are the top 7 dog leashes that look expensive but they are all DIY!….Yes, indeed!

Ombre Rope Leash

I would say this is probably the top trending leash style going on right now. We LOVE the ombre and this is so modern, with a soft appearance. And with modern leashes in this style, I bet these can be expensive! No worries!  Capree Kimball at Curbly.com has this all figured out and made it super easy to create your own!

Go here to DIY! – http://www.curbly.com/users/capreek/posts/15120-how-to-make-a-modern-dip-dyed-rope-dog-leash

Braided Rope Dog Leash

Up for a little macrame? This leash is so classic and ritzy looking. Maybe it’s the macrame that gives it a little bit of a nautical vibe, right?  I expect to pay top dollar for this one, so I was shocked to see that not only can I make it myself, but I love that liagriffith.com has photos for each and every step. This is totally doable, yal!  Check out Lia Griffith’s website and Instagram for more beautiful crafts!

Go here to DIY! –  https://liagriffith.com/braided-diy-dog-leash/

Paracord Dog Leash

We can be a rough and tumble bunch, especially with an active Australian Shepherd in tow(…..or am I in tow?). Paracord, hands down, is the toughest material to choose for a leash. AND my fav part is that it’s easy to keep clean. Just head towards Pinterest and you’ll see so many neat paracord DIY’s, and many are for dog leashes, also.  So many great colors to create beautiful combinations.  But over at FourOaksCrafts.com, they really show in great detail how to braid 4-strand paracord with photos for each step, which makes this so easy!  Also, I saw on another website, they used a carabiner in place of the leash clasp, as a different option.

And once you get a 4-strand down, there are TONS of more different kinds of different braids with knots and many more strands of paracord. You can really go all out on creativity!

Go here to DIY! –  http://www.fouroakscrafts.com/make-a-paracord-dog-leash/

Sewn Leash from Fabric Scraps

I sooooo love how colorful this one is and it looks like it came right out of a dog boutique store! These are made from charm squares or you can use your own scrap fabric that you have laying around (cut into squares, of course). I’ll admit, I’m not an experienced sewer, or seamstress, or whatever they call sewing people these days. But I could follow along with this DIY at SewCanShe.com without any issues. This looks really easy, people! If you are looking to make your patio pup friends jealous, you need to make one of these!  Check out more of Caroline’s sewing projects on her website or her Instagram!

Go here to DIY! – http://www.sewcanshe.com/blog/2017/4/8/sew-a-scrappy-pet-leash-free-sewing-tutorial

Leather Braided Leash

I know exactly what you’re thinking….”That looks amazing girl, but leather is beyond my DIY skills.”  But you can so do this and make it look like you bought it from Wilson Leather. It’s also a very tough material to use for those dogs that take you on a walk.  I first thought this was going to take a while to make, but when I started looking for the materials, I found something out. You can already buy the leather braided already! Say what?! So that braid already came like that, and then she uses the leather tape as a wrap that spirals around.

Go here to DIY! – http://sketch42blog.com/2012/01/diy-braided-leather-dog-leash/

Leather Enamel Painted Leash

A different type of leather leash and this is a solid strap of strong leather. I love the nice touch of the enamel paint on the sides. This is very classic leather style that I’d find at a dog boutique or leather store. This DIY was previously made by Alicia Dirago, but I couldn’t find her original website. However, I still wanted to give her credit for being so dang creative! So, you may have to buy a couple leather tools for this one, but you never know, you may be a leather crafter after this one!  The step-by-step photos make this so easy!

Go here to DIY! – http://www.lovepetsdiy.com/diy-graphic-leather-dog-leash/

Fabric & Ribbon Sewn Leash

This one makes me want to make a ton of these! Maybe a great gift idea, too? Just think of all of the theme and color combinations you can make with fabrics and ribbons. You can make one for every holiday! This has some similarities to the previous scrappy fabric leash DIY, but this has a different spin on this. So check out both of the DIYs to determine your game plan on what you want to do.  This one is originally by Becky at PatchWorkPossee.com, but featured at TheRibbonRetreat.com


If you DIY your own leash, I’d love to see it!  Share it with me on Facebook or email me @ stephanie@dogmomlife.com

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