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Must-Haves from the New ED Ellen Degeneres Dog Products!

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Ellen Degeneres released a brand new dog line to her ED brand just a couple months ago.  Exclusively at Petsmart, it’s hard to miss the setup in the store.  Beautiful with grey and beige neutrals with bold pops of navy and red colors. I’ve had some time to go through many of her products and I really hope this brand is here to stay!  From toys, clothes and shampoo for your dogs, to designer travel treat pouches for us Dog Moms to look stylish, as well!

Here are my fav MUST-HAVES from the ED Ellen Degeneres line of Spring 2017.

Camp Hut Pet Beddog bed, cuddler, tent, teepee, hideaway, hideout, cave, sleep

Ellen had many cute cushy beds that would look great on the floor of my home, but as far as the shape, it was pretty standard as the same as all the others. But this one stood out as completely unique that I know small dogs would totally prefer. Okay, it doesn’t look as pretty as the others, but it’s so hard to find a tee-pee style bed for dogs these days, so this actually excited me because I know many small dogs that would kill for this bed!  All those that like to tunnel under blankets and don’t like the fan blowing on them. Or the ones that just want to get away from the loud kids or TV.  This is like a hideaway oasis and the added cozy cushion (which is removable) is an extra bonus!

Fancy & Stylish – Harnesses

Why is everyone making such plain and standard harnesses these days?  Ellen really heard our dogs scream for fashion.  Our little boys & girls would look so great in these upgraded harnesses with cute ties!  And look at the school girl harness with the plaid skirt!  Looks like they are all ready to show off at the dog park or on the way to Grandma’s house. Prefer collars? Oh yes, Ellen has bows on collars, too!

Summer Clothes – Hallelujah!

And while we are on the topic of dog fashion, why does everyone think dog clothes is just to keep dogs warm in the winter?  Our little cuties should look amazing all year round! These clothes make me want to adopt a small dog just so I can dress them up in the ED brand!  T-shirts, sleeveless tanks, and the cuties pleated skirted dresses – Oh my!

Love Dog Carrier

dog carrier, travel, designerWhile you have your little cutie dressed in her summer fashion, you can match her with this designer navy dog carrier on your shoulder. This looks like a stunning summer tote bag! I didn’t even realize it was a dog carrier, until I saw the hole in the side. I love the polka dots and the embroidered red “Love” accent. Perfect for running your errands with your baby in style.

Love Treat Pouch Wristlet

dog treats, dog, pouch, travel, designerOh my….they match. THEY MATCH! Yes, you need this wristlet to go with the carrier. It’s not just about your dog being stylish, you gotta be the hot DogMom, too, right?!  Carry treats to reward your baby for being such a good dog.  Or…ya know what? Maybe you don’t have your dog with you and just want a wristlet to carry your keys, lip gloss, etc. This still looks great for that, too. It’s a win-win.

Dog Toy Bin

designer, toy box, dog toysI love this pop of red for my livingroom. If you are living in the land of the neutrals, then this would look amazing. And your dogs definitely won’t miss this because it’s full of their favorite things. Red not your liking? They have a beige and a navy version and in different sizes, also. The quote on this bin is also probably something my dog would say, so this fits his personality. I really dig the polka dot accent liner on the inside.

Of course….TOYS!

It’s only right to get excited about toys!  I love all of the pops of colors and I’m digging a lot of the camping forest animal friends being featured this season.  As for innovation, I didn’t see anything that my dog would say, “Whoa, this is different & cool!”  But with flying squirrels, squeaky monkeys and stuffies, there is plenty available for all dog’s favorites. I wouldn’t place these in the tough and durable category, but for small dogs or those that aren’t the shredding-type, these are a great buy!

Love Placemat & Ceramic Bowl

We all have that one dog that gets the water & food everywhere, so placemats are essential.  I adore this pinstripe navy placemat and the matching ceramic bowls to go with it. And this navy color just goes so well with everything in our home. I know it says “love” but I seriously really love these.

Palm Brushes

What a great idea to make these brushes fit in the palm to mimic the motion of you actually petting your dog. A handle can just get in the way and sometimes I’m just grabbing the back of my brush instead of the handle to really get into a thick coat. There is a bristle brush and a curry brush for short coats.  If you aren’t familiar with curry brushes, these rubber spikes are great for grabbing dry skin dander and loose short hairs! And these brushes are gorge!

Ellen had many more items, especially sprays & shampoos for grooming. I haven’t tried these products out, so I can’t give an honest review. I’m looking forward to seeing this brand really expanding and evolving in the near future! I can’t wait to see what fashion will be coming out for Fall & Winter of 2017! And I’m hoping there will be more items for big and rough dogs! Thank you Ellen!





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