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Having Dog-Kiddos are a special part of the family and they deserve their own space, right?  These people went all out and got their dogs their very own room in their house! These rooms should inspire you to spoil your little ones.  Dogs definitely need some fancy furniture and a huge chandelier.  Mine need this in their life!  #Goals!

Do you have a room for your dog?  I’d love to see!

Bed Rooms just for Dogs!



RX-HGMAG001_Verns-Dogs-036-a-3x4.jpg.rend.hgtvcom.966.1288I love that celebrity interior designer, Vern Yip, devoted a HUGE bedroom for his fur kiddos!  Tons of beds, toys and what room isn’t complete without their own portraits on the wall!  You can always tell a proud Dog Parent when you see pictures of the kiddos on the wall.

This room also connects to a side yard with a deep utility sink for quick clean-ups. And these spoiled babies have a gazillion tennis balls and a wide variety of treats.  I love how they all look on the shelf, displayed like art.  I LOVE the Orbee Veggies on the sink – and these are totally going in the September Picks!

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0264b1e573cbb76fb1dc84dd28e34a08What a cute little nook made into a bedroom for their two babies! I love the decor and how it matches the rest of the main areas of the house. Cushy beds, tons of toys and even have their own lamp and greenery!  Looks so cozy!


I love Molly’s and Beau’s little bedroom! I’m not sure if this is under a staircase or in the top-level of a home, but the angled ceiling really gives this a cute little nooky-feel. Matching elevated beds with a gorgeous headboard adorning their names are right under the cutest little light fixtures!  I wonder if that’s Molly or Beau in the portrait?  I know that’s a little crawl space door in the back, but I’d like to imagine that it’s their closet full of little doggy outfits.  Did I mention those cute little light pendants?!

613324d28a3faa1a38555e6dc3dac97dIt seems like the perfect room for a small dog is under the staircase. Mia has it ALL! All of her toys are neatly in her box (I’d like to imagine that she is a princess and keeps her room tidy without Mom’s help). I love her bone-shaped rug that looks like it was made to fit just in this space and do you see this stunning chaise lounge sofa?! Just for a dog?! I bet Mia picked out her colors and wanted the chevrons on the accent wall and that this was really fun for Mom to make for her. This girl is truly pampered!

96ea06c0de9d9a7ed954241d80d38687This room was featured in Better Homes & Gardens. I love these little cubby areas. It looks like you can find this type of furniture for a mudroom. Instead of the place to kick off your boots, place a cushy bed which matching totes in the shelves above for toys and treats storage…or doggy outfits, of course!  I wonder if each dog goes to their individual bed assigned to them. Probably not, but wouldn’t it be a dream! I wonder what it’s like to have all your dogs matching each other. Such organization….I need to get organized someday.

1469d8c4d0ea5c0c8f179bacff997423632a90edFor big dogs that like the great outdoors, turn your mudroom into a doggy room!  This is a great place for bath time! It looks like they don’t mind at all!  Well, the one on the right does look a little worried about bath time.d90b88e310d82276ae2150a6ff4ec942
Oh the luxurious life! Custom elevated beds made just for their babies in their own room!  Perfectly placed in front of the window for keeping a watch of the yard.  I guess they aren’t on the clock at the moment. Mine would be constantly watching the squirrels, for sure!


What the what?!  Did this dog get her own apartment?! A REAL legit Dog-Dominium!  I love the picket fence!  This is so cute!

cameracaniI adore this dog’s matching furniture. The bed is very snazzy and elevated, and ….is that a CLOSET?! Yes, finally a dog gets her own closet with little doggy outfits!  And cute little doggy shoes!  Looks like stylish Converse! My day is complete!  That’s it, my Boston Terrier gets a closet.


12aec1421462967000ebf5aba5c70c31I’m sure you can find some room somewhere for your dog’s room. Don’t have a staircase?  Don’t have another room?  No nook?  Just raise up the bed and look at all of this space?!  This little guy has his own nook for his bed and storage for all of his favorite things!  How creative!

built-in-dog-beds-and-bowlsHow sweet that these 4 babies are all sharing one bed?  I’m sure that didn’t stay for long.  What I love about this room is the little shower and all of the amazing storage space!  And the door looks like it goes out to their own private dog run area.

myWebRoom-Dog-Baths-2Here is another similar room with their own shower.  I love that the dog bowls are up and off of the floor, and can slide from outside, to inside the kennel area. The kennel looks like it was built-in with the house!  This looks so beautiful and I bet it’s easy to keep clean!

myWebRoom-Dog-beds-6This Doggy-den has some great build-ins for the dog beds and feeding area. Great storage idea in the cabinets above. I also love the color they picked out for the cubby.

Room under the staircase

Here are 2 more ideas for under the staircase!  The one on the left gets his own window – how cute is that!  I hope Mom can fit in those holes to clean up!

e2f6357be28680b0cdffe6db4289c1c1Okay, so this isn’t exactly a dog room, but I’m obsessed with cute nooks and this would make a CUTE doggy bedroom!  I really hope that is a DogMom and she’s ready to show this to her daughter.

What about you? Are you ready to get started on your baby’s new Dog-dominium?  Find that space.  Maybe it’s under the stairs, or a small nook that you haven’t figured out what to do with it yet. Or maybe it’s a whole room for your fur-kids! If you don’t have a space, perhaps it’s a built-in that you can have customized for a cushy bed or kennel.  Lets hear your plans below!


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