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August Picks from DogMom

August Picks Pet Products

By demand, my Monthly Picks are BACK! It’s Back-to-School season and while you’re scrambling around for the kiddos, what about your fur kiddos?  Or what if your fur kiddo is your only kiddo?  They need some Back-to-School special treatment, too! Have them looking snazzy at the bus stop with a new collar and fresher breath, and you’ll look like the crazy DogMom in your cute Pug scarf – serious DogMom Goals!  And while the kids are at school, keep your fuzzy-baby fully occupied with the super-duper awesome iFetch! What picks did you run across that you’d love to share?

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1 – TropiClean Fresh Breathtropiclean-fresh-breath-3pc-dental-kit-for-pets-d-201304151617314245990

Just add a capful of this magic juice to your dog’s water bowl and have fresh breath for over 12 hours….naturally.  All natural aloe and green tea (minus the caffeine, of course) in this additive helps reduce plaque and tarter buildup.  So now I feel a little less guilty when I start slacking on the teeth brushing.  And I know I said it’s for your dog’s water bowl, but it’s actually safe for cats, too!  I haven’t tested it on the cats to see if they will drink the water, but the dogs don’t mind at all.  Heck, I don’t mind getting smooches from my Boston Terrier anymore and she used to have some breath that can clear a room!

And if you have the hardest troubles getting a toothbrush in your dogs mouth, they also have a TropiClean Gel you can just place a couple drops in each side of the mouth and let it work it’s magic at loosing the tartar!

417KvMxAxHL2 – Cutest EVER – Pug Infinity Scarf

I love accessories that I can wear casually and also when I want to dress it up a bit, because I can get more bang for my buck.  Heck, if I can show people that I really am that crazy DogMom lady, that’s the bestest, right?!  I may not have any Pugs, but I freaking love Pugs and I’ve never seen them look so fancy on this infinity scarf.  In the Fall and Winter, I end up wearing lots of infinity scarves (my collection is a little ridiculous)! This one is a decent size and you can wrap twice around, but I usually like to wear mine super long without wrapping again.  It’s also lightweight for wear all day (not the winter weather kind).  Is it not the cutest?!

3 – Vintage-style Ceramic Dachshund Planter

il_fullxfull.328566422I have a slight succulent obsession (probably because they are hard to kill), so I stumbled upon this planter on Etsy and fell in love!  This is a small planter, perfect for those tiny succulent containers.  The whole weeny-dog is about 10″ long, but the planter area is about 1″ wide, so cute tiny succulents all planted in a row.  I recommend you request the drain holes to be added to prevent root rot, and with something this small, you might want to just mist with a water bottle anyway.  But hey, the maker even suggested not getting the drain holes and making it a dip bowl for entertaining! Nice!

4 – Back to School Dog Collar

il_fullxfull.922351554_mzddI may not have any kids that I need to take to their first day of school next week, but I still want to get into the Back-to-School spirit!  While all the moms are posting pictures of their kiddo’s first day of school on Facebook, I can post a photo of my dog in a fashionable yellow school bus collar!  Or you can have your kiddo pose with your dog in this collar for the school pics!  If so, please share with me!  I ran across this on Etsy and definitely squealed with delight!

5 – iFetch Too – Fav Pick of the Picks!e7db13_f8ae3efbe010415f915a96316d58ca14.jpg_srz_964_216_85_22_0.50_1.20_0.00_jpg_srz

Okay, time for the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time! I’ve seen many viral videos with dogs playing with automatic ball tossing machines and always wanted one!  So this will be going on our Christmas list (shhhh, don’t tell my babies!).

If your dog is obsessed with fetching balls like mine is, you’ll want to check this out. And I’m sure your baby is smart like mine, so I doubt it will take them long to know where to drop the ball for automatic launch. I plan on setting it up at the end of the hallway for when we have to leave the house for a little while.  Or it could just be entertaining to watch while we are home, too.  This one is for regular-size tennis balls (medium to large dogs), but they do make a mini version, called iFetch Frenzy Mini that can launch smaller balls in multiple directions….just for your itty bitty baby!

Check out the demo!

Tell me your favorite picks you’ve found this month!

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