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Giving Birth is Not Required to Be a Mom.

There, I said it.

People adopt children and become parents. People marry into families that have children and become instant-parents.  You don’t have to carry a baby for 9 months and go through labor to be a Mother.  You don’t even have to have a baby or a child in your arms to be a Mother. You can be a Mother to another adult (I’m actually a step-mother of an adult that I never knew as a child) or you can be a Mother to another species other than your own.

Are you a nurturing and caring woman?  Do you give creative life to your interests and to the world? Do you have someone that depends on you everyday? You are a Mother!

Sometimes Mother’s Day can be a hard holiday to get through. Even as a DogMom, I find it to be difficult. It’s a reminder that society tells me, “If you don’t have a child on your arm, then you don’t get the God-given higher-calling title, Mother. And if you aren’t a Mother, then you aren’t a real woman. You don’t even know what life is all about or can’t really live life until you become a Mother.”

Ringing a bell?  It may be by choice, or you may be going through a journey of infertility, like we are. Heck, I’m dreading the moment in church where they ask all of the mothers to stand up to be recognized on Mother’s Day. You may know what I’m talking about.

I applaud you, DogMom! You have dealt with sleepless nights during the puppy-stages and dogs with full-on diarrhea, too! You’ve had to care for your little ones in the best and worst of times. Recall those days where you had to step-up and be a Mom. Heck, I’ve kissed some boo-boos. No shame here!

Everyday I go to work, I tell my dogs I have to leave to be able to put food in their bowl and make sure they get the best toys and care. Medical bills, oh my! We don’t get to add our dogs to our health insurance, so the vet bills can rack up!  We’ve had the awful emotional heartbreaking-moments of saying goodbye to our fur-children. We don’t get to claim them as dependents on our taxes and get a return. The government may call them property, but you know the truth. Dogs are your children. They are family, and a family needs a Mother.  That’s you, girl.

So you might not get a hand-made Mother’s Day card from them or breakfast in bed (unless DogDad may get the hint), but go get you a pedicure, go shopping or spend some quality time with your dogs. You deserve it, Momma!

Happy Mother’s Day to all my fellow DogMoms!

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