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April Picks from DogMom

April Picks from DogMom

I found a ton of favorite picks this month that made it super difficult to scale down to just my top fav finds. I couldn’t decide between all of my recent Dexas finds, so I had to include 2.  I have a few cute things that I adored, but I was all over finding solutions to some dog problems, especially senior dog problems. What picks did you run across that you’d love to share?

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1 – Throw Pillow Cushion Cover

Let me start out by saying this site has TONS of cute doggy pillow cushion covers!  This Boston Terrier with balloons tied to the tail really got my attention the most, though. It’s super cute but I had to laugh since BT’s have one of the gassiest systems on the planet. I can just imagine what the balloons are filled with. Not to knock the design, though, because I thought it was really cute but humorous at the same time. Lots of great decor picks all over that site! LOVE!

And you can get the 3rd pillow cover for free when you use BUY2GET1FREE coupon code during the check out!  You should always be decorating in threes, anyway.  Yup.

2 – Dexas Popware for Pets Collapsible Kennel Bowl

I’ve really been on a Dexas kick lately. Their whole Popsware for Pets line has many favs. I was tweeting my excitement over them not too long ago. The reason I just had to have one of these is because my senior dog has to stay in her crate when I’m at work since she is incontinent. I give her a bowl of water, but it does take up some of her precious sleeping space and she always ends up pushing her blanket into it. When I saw this crate bowl, I knew it was THE solution! This isn’t your typical bowl attached to the wall. This collapses flat for when I have to break down the crate for our road trips.  Not only is it stable if she bumps into it or it take up her space, but this will be out of the way for her blanket to stay dry. It’s super easy to remove and clip back in. Chunk it straight into the dishwasher when it gets funky.

3 – DogMom Coffee Mug

I’ve seen a lot of random DogMom coffee mugs out there, but they are really busy or cheesy looking. This is the only one where I was like, “I HAVE TO HAVE THIS!” When you are a DogMom, you show it with pride and I’m pridefully sipping my coffee out of this around my work office. I suggest getting the big size. No itty bitty coffee servings happen when you’re a DogMom!

4 – Shoodles

I want these super bad. I love wearing dog fashion items as long as it’s not cheesy looking.  These slip-on Shoodles (yes, I’ve never heard that term either until now) are classy, casual and comfy looking.  Check them out on the site and zoom in to see how cute they are!  I can’t wait to sit on a doggy cafe patio this Spring with Reuben at my side and be rocking these shoes!

5 – You & Me UH-OH Dog Mat Liner

I feel like this edition is just devoted to my senior Boston Terrier, Jaymie. If you have a dog with incontinence problems while they are sleeping, then my love goes out to you. The loads of washing dog blankets on rotation for just one dog can be exhausting.

I think it’s great that dog beds come with removable covers, but what about the actual inside part of the bed?  If you are washing the cover because of an accident, chances are the inside bed is also soaked, so you need to wash the whole dang thing, right? My solution was wrapping the entire bed in garbage bags before placing the cover over it, but it didn’t work very well. The bags would move around to the side and it could get noisy when she moved around.

When I came across this mat liner in Petco, I nearly fell to my knees. Someone came up with a waterproof mattress cover for dog beds.  Thank you, oh Thank you!!!!  This saves me tons of room in the washing machine and dryer. All I have to do now is wash the cover and wipe the liner down.  The downside, is it’s made it fit the You & Me crate beds, however, it’s a pretty standard size matching typical crate sizes.

6 – Dexas Popware Single Elevated Pet Feeder

Dexas featured twice this month? How can it be? Well, they are just so dang awesome!  My Aussie has been in definite need of an elevated feeder. Sure, there are many elevated feeders out there, but usually, they are dual feeders. And since my dogs all share 1 water bowl, I don’t need a dual feeder bowl for him. I just need the 1 food bowl elevated.

On another note, many elevated feeders are just so fancy, like a piece of furniture or accent of your home, therefore they are pricey!  I want one that is affordable, but I still want it super cute, too.  Also, we love to travel and camp out, so I need it portable. These come in a rainbow of colors, are affordable, and it totally collapses completely flat within 1.5″.  Seriously.

Want to know something else awesome? The bowl pops out and you can just throw it in the dishwasher.  Bam.

Tell me your favorite picks you’ve found this month!

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