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Turn Your Backyard Into a Doggy Oasis

Sun Bathing Deck044

Is your dog a sunbather? Most dogs love to sunbathe. My boston terrier, Jaymie, just loves to plop down and roll over on her back in her favorite sunbathing spot in our backyard. A sunny spot in the grass is fine, but if you really want to blow your dog’s mind, have a sun bathing deck with a doggy outdoor cot that sits off of the ground. Coolaroo makes the best outdoor cots for the best sunbathing!

Wide Open Spaces

I know gardens are beautiful to enjoy, but leave some space for fun. Expanded spaces of plush grass, soft mulch or flagstone gives a much needed place for dogs to rumble around with each other or play fetch with you.  This will help prevent your plants from being trampled on during a wrestling match.

Shaded Areas in the Backyard to Chill & Nap

Even babies that love to sunbathe need a shady getaway. A nap under a tree or porch overhang and on an outdoor dog bed or cool rug is a dream.  It’s the perfect break from a play session.  Keep an elevated dog dish full of cool water in this spot for easy access. My boston terrier loves to crash near her outdoor fan for a quick nap time.

Drinkable Water Featurefountain-823726_960_720

I just LOVE water features, and I’m currently looking around to adding one to our backyard soon.  I highly recommend your water feature also be able to provide your little ones access to water and that it’s free of chemicals. But stay away from fountains that spray like crazy if your little one is frightened by it. A bubbling fountain that doesn’t splash a lot just may be the perfect fountain for gentle lickers.

Marking Posts & Designated Potty Areas

Dogs will be dogs and they will naturally mark their spot. A big piece of driftwood, tree trunks, boulders and posts can be placed around to provide a spot for your pup to mark on.  Providing plenty of spots will keep him from marking on your gorgeous plants. Another way to keep him from urinating on your precious flowers and veggies is to grow them in raised beds or in containers (this also keeps weeds at bay).

Lookout Platform Perch to See the Entire Backyard


My Aussie has many names and “Mountain Goat” is one of them. He loves to climb into high places to look over his territory. Dogs also love a good lookout to get a full view of everything going on.  A log of driftwood, boulder or a big mound of land will be one of your dogs’ fav spots.

Digging Area/Sand Box

I’m so thankful that my babies aren’t into digging, but I know that many breeds (especially terriers) have it in their natural instincts.  Normally, this would be discouraged, but if it’s just in their DNA, I suggest trying out a designated area thats just for them to dig and have a ball!  Cover that area with loose soil or sand. Place a border around it to create a sandbox. Why should only the human kids get to enjoy sandboxes?

Consider the Plants you Choose


Did you know that some plants are harmful to your pups?  There are hundreds of plants that can be toxic if ingested.  The most popular are all kinds of lilies, azaleas and hydrangeas. I keep these to my front yard, where I know my dogs are not allowed. For a full list of harmful and safe plants, I highly recommend checking out dogsinthegarden.com or ASPCA’s list (although not as organized).

What have you done to your backyard just for your fur babies?  I’d love to hear about their favorite part of their garden!

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